Friday, February 5, 2016

First Week!

Hi to you all!

I am off and running with Social Impact! It's been an interesting first week, learning the ropes, meeting people and getting acquainted with what I will be doing here for the next 6 months.

I will use this blog to describe my life, but also my professional deliverables so I can personally keep track of all the projects i will work on throughout my time here.

My first project was to re-write an electronic survey for a paper copy to be used in the field evaluating a Discovery Learning Alliance project, essentially a TV show meant to encourage girl's education in rural Kenya. Writing the questions made me remember how lucky i am to have the opportunity to work in this industry.

My next project will be doing quantitative analysis on a USAID funded project through FHI 360 WASHplus project. I will also be doing report writing! this is where the written communication skills get put to the test! Can i write the English good? We will find out.

Today we had a brown bag lunch with Kerry Bruce from the Global Fund to end Trafficking. She gave a very interesting talk on using big data to create intervention on human trafficking. Super interesting theory, but i'm not sure how much it will change practice.

And one last thing, for the grand finale to the week, i'm going to the Paul Collier discussion at American University tonight. it's called a 40th anniversary lecture. I'm not sure what anniversary they are referring to, but i'm sure i will find out.

That's all for today folks, have a great weekend, and i will post more soon.

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